our roots

Rangemark was born from Kathryn Wieldraayer’s passion for pattern making and inspired by her great-grandfather’s coastal Maine painting studio of the same name.

Each Rangemark piece is block printed in our studio in Chattanooga, TN. We are dedicated to making products in a way that allows us not only to participate in our local community but to also have great control over the quality and craftsmanship with which our products are made. All of this points back to our mission to bring beauty into the home in a way that cultivates a warm, inviting space to live and entertain in.


our process

As an artist, I’ve always wanted to see my drawings come to life. Block printing them onto fabric makes them seem more lively and tangible. To begin my process I scan my drawings onto the computer and use that image to create a repeating pattern. From there I transfer that repeating pattern onto a rubber block that I carve by hand into a stamp. Once the stamp is carved it is ready for years of printing. The next step is to apply a water based textile ink to the stamp, it is now ready for printing. I then take the product (napkin, dishtowel, etc) and place it on the stamp. Using my printing press I press the ink onto the fabric, reveal the pattern, and heatset the ink so it is color safe. The finishing steps of this process are what bring me the most joy and satisfaction as an artist.


our team


Kathryn Wieldraayer



Charis Selle

studio Assistant/printer

Derek_Rangemark Headshot.jpg

Derek Wieldraayer

Financial Manager/accounting